IT Project Manager at SugarShot


IT Project Manager

Full-Time in Los Angeles, CA - Mid Level - Operations


IT Project Management (“PM”) at SugarShot is the practice of planning, implementing, controlling, and completing the work of our Professional Services Group (“PSG”) to achieve specific business objectives for us and our Clients, while meeting stringent success criteria. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the mission objectives within the constraints or time, technical limitations, resources and cost. PMs build trust between SugarShot and the Client by completing projects thoughtfully and successfully.

PMs will serve as liaisons and consultants who are experts in their field, have a deep bench of knowledge about SugarShot’s products, services and capabilities, and be good at problem-solving. PMs should have strong leadership skills to lead their teams to successfully complete missions. They should have the business acumen to understand financial information as well as operational and strategic goals. They should also have strong communication, interpersonal, influencing and planning skills.

You Will Be Successful In This Role If…

  • You are highly detail oriented and care deeply about quality workmanship
  • You have excellent, thorough and methodical problem-solving skills and you enjoy not having loose ends
  • You are driven to do a great job and get tremendous sense of accomplishment from “doing things right”
  • You are good at building, maintaining and strengthening personal relationships
  • You have strong team-building skills and know how to draw on internal resources for success
  • You are highly knowledgeable about SugarShot’s products, services and capabilities and under which situations these should be recommended
  • You can engage in multiple projects simultaneously
  • You are able to synthesize information, identify Out of Scope requests and communicate to executives and C-levels
  • You can understand, organize and align Client priorities with SugarShot’s capabilities


  • Serve as a liaison between the Client, the stakeholders, 3rd party vendors and the SugarShot Professional Services Group
  • Facilitate open, verbose and frequent communications and updates between internal and external teams including Client stakeholders
  • Maintain strong relationships with internal and external teams through good customer service and prompt responses to requests
  • Escalate decisions and unresolved issues
  • Establish and maintain project plans, timelines, budgets, Gantt charts and tasks and delegate responsibilities to achieve successful outcomes
  • Manage deviations from plan and forecast delivery dates based on team performance and external threats
  • Identify, manage, maintain and document Change Orders and engage with the Sales Department as necessary to monetize such requests
  • Document all issues, risks, obstacles and delays to project success
  • Provide documentation on key project decisions, action items, issues and other pertinent information to all stakeholders
  • Seek continuous improvements in process to achieve higher profitability and greater efficiency
  • Conduct regular Project Status Calls with Clients and stakeholders
  • Maintain internal Project Management database, Work Plans, schedules and budgets
  • Manage and maintain currency on Client MicroBoards (an online system for strategic issue management)
  • Lean into issues quickly and seek long-term resolutions and improvements
  • Know the Client decision-makers, stakeholders, business goals, industry, business challenges and strategy
  • And other duties as assigned by supervisor from time to time


  • Client Satisfaction
  • Project Profitability
  • Project On-time Performance
  • Project On-budget Performance


  • PMP or completing PMP within 6 months
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 1+ years PM experience

    Career Path

    • Director of Professional Services